League Officers - History

The holders of the various League Officer positions, over the years since the formation of the League in 1922, are as detailed below.

The League is very fortunate that, throughout its history, it has been served by a dedicated band of hard-working officers, all of whom devote their time and efforts to the smooth running and administration of the League in an honorary capacity.  

Details of all the holders of the offices of President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Secretary can be found below.


 Seasons                Officers

 2010-     R A Sansom

 2007-10 C Timbrell

 2004-07 F W Trueman

 2001-04 E J George

 1998-2001 R R Davis

 1995-98 A D Bushell

 1986-95 H J Morgan

 1983-86 J Ruck

 1976-83 A Fryer

 1962-76 W R Fream

 1946-62 W J Pepworth

 1940-46 Office Vacant

 1922-40 Sir Stanley W Tubbs


 Seasons                Officers

 1997- W J Phillips

 1986-97 R R Davis

 1976-86 H J Morgan

 1965-76 E G Smith

 1952-65 A J Hicks

 1950-52 W R Fream

 1946-50 W H Lewis

 1940-46 Office Vacant

 1937-39 H F Midwinter

 1935-37 S W Smith

 1923-35 F C Ford

 1922-23 W J Pepworth


 Seasons                Officers

 1997-  C Starkey 

 1986-97 E J George

 1976-86 R R Davis

 1975-76 H J Morgan

 1965-75 J Ruck

 1952-65 E G Smith

 1950-52 A J Hicks

 1946-50 W R Fream

 1940-46 Office Vacant

 1935-39 W H Lewis

 1927-35 S W Smith

 1926-27 W H Lewis

 1924-26 E J Vaisey

 1923-24 D Rowles

 1922-23 F C Ford

General Secretary

 Seasons                Officers

 1997- J M Green

 1991-97 W N Pember

 1979-91 C J Peake

 1979 W J Phillips

 1947-79 C M Evans

 1947 A W Manby

 1946 F F J Goddard

 1940-46 Office Vacant

 1926-39 W R Fream

 1924-26 F F J Goddard

 1922-24 Lieut J Orgee, DSC


 Seasons                Officers

 1990- D R Purser

 1987-90 A N Hardacre

 1970-87 E J George

 1952-70 D N Perry

 1935-52 A J Hicks

 1924-35 S W Smith

 1923-24 Lieut J Orgee, DSC

 1922-23 E F Davy

Assistant Secretary

 Seasons                Officers

 2010- D J Birt

 2008-10 J Thomas

 2002-08 Mrs B Summers

 2000-02 Office Vacant

 1997-2000 R C Green

 1991-97 J M Green

 1979-91 W N Pember


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