Match Official Awards - Previous Winners

The League makes presentations each year to the Registered Referee who has achieved the highest average mark, in matches under the jurisdiction of the League, over the course of the season and, also, the Club Linesman who has gained the best average mark during each campaign.

The Referee's award has been made every year since 1998 whilst the Club Linesman's award was originally incepted in 1988 

Referee of The Year

 Season                Winner

 2012-13      A Rice

 2011-12      T Gladwin

 2010-11      T Gladwin

 2009-10  A Hardman

 2008-09  T Gladwin

 2007-08  A Berrow

 2006-07  T Gladwin & R Stow (shared)

 2005-06  R Stow

 2004-05  M Lytheer

 2003-04  T Gladwin

 2002-03  T Gladwin

 2001-02  R Stow

 2000-01  C Whetherly

 1999-2000  T Gladwin

 1998-99  T Gladwin

 1997-98  C Whetherly

Club Linesman Of The Year

 Season                Winner
 2012-13      W Irvine     Gala Wilton
 2011-12      D Small     Dursley Town
 2010-11      D Small     Dursley Town
 2009-10  D Small Dursley Town
 2008-09  D Stockley Newton Heath & Stroud
 2007-08  I Blount Slimbridge
 2006-07  I Blount Slimbridge Reserves
 2005-06  C Preston Kingswood
 2004-05  D Small Dursley Town
 2003-04  G Trett Cheltenham Civil Service
 2002-03  G Trett Cheltenham Civil Service
 2001-02  R Williams Broadwell Amateurs
 2000-01  A Bassett Newent Town
 1999-2000  P Nottingham  Tewkesbury YMCA
 1998-99  P Nottingham Tewkesbury YMCA
 1997-98  M Summers Tuffley Rovers
 1996-97  G Trett Cheltenham Civil Service
 1995-96  D Hill Dursley Town
 1994-95  A Griffin Newent Town
 1993-94  R Bassett Kings Stanley
 1992-93  R Jones Longford
 1991-92  A Griffin Newent Town
 1990-91  R Bassett Kings Stanley
 1989-90  A Griffin Newent Town
 1988-89  A Griffin Newent Town
 1987-88  A Griffin Newent Town


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