Sportsmanship Trophies - Previous Winners

The Gloucestershire Northern Senior League presents two awards each season for Sportsmanship - The Norman Trafford Sportsmanship Trophy and the Golden Jubilee Sportsman Trophy.

The Norman Trafford Sportsmanship Trophy is currently awarded to the club that finishes each season with the least number of Discipline points.  Discipline points are incurred every time one of the club's players is cautioned or dismissed in a match under the jurisdiction of the Gloucestershire Northern Senior League.

Similarly, the Golden Jubilee Sportsmans Trophy is currently given to the club that finishes with the second lowest number of disciplinary points. 

The Norman Trafford Sportsmanship Trophy has been awarded every season since 1976, whilst the Golden Jubilee Sportsmans Trophy was first presented in 1980.  Previous winners are as follows

 Season                Norman Trafford Sportsmanship Trophy
   Golden Jubilee Sportsmans Trophy  
 2012-13     Star FC 
Abbeymead Rovers / Stonehouse Town (Shared)
 2011-12     Star FC 
Stroud FC
 2010-11     Winchcombe Town 
Star FC
 2009-10 Shortwood United Reserves 
Winchcombe Town
 2008-09 Charfield
Star FC
 2007-08 Bourton Rovers
Smiths Athletic
 2006-07 Ashton Keynes
Dursley Town
 2005-06 Longford
Staunton & Corse
 2004-05 Bishop's Cleeve Reserves
Cam Bulldogs
 2003-04 Harrow Hill Reserves
Bredon / Bourton Rovers (Shared)
 2002-03 Harrow Hill Reserves
 2001-02 Frampton United / Dursley Town (shared)
Harrow Hill Reserves
 2000-01 Kingswood
Harrow Hill Reserves
 1999-2000 Frampton United
Brimscombe & Thrupp
 1998-99 Kingswood
Smiths Athletic
 1997-98 Cheltenham Civil Service
 1996-97 Cheltenham Civil Service
Brimscombe & Thrupp
 1995-96 Longlevens
 1994-95 Brimscombe & Thrupp
Frampton United
 1993-94 Longford
I.C.I. Fibres
 1992-93 Cam Bulldogs
I.C.I. Fibres
 1991-92 Longford
Nuclear Electric
 1990-91 Shortwood United Reserves
Smiths Athletic
 1989-90 Worrall Hill
 1988-89 Kings Stanley
Smiths Athletic
 1987-88 Coleford United
Cope Chat
 1986-87 Cope Chat
Shortwood United
 1985-86 Longlevens
Cam Bulldogs
 1984-85 Cam Bulldogs
Wilton Rovers
 1983-84 Cinderford Town
Cam Bulldogs
 1982-83 Cam Bulldogs
 1981-82 Chalford
Cam Bulldogs
 1980-81 St Marks C.A.
Cam Bulldogs
 1979-80 Cam Bulldogs
Walls United
 1978-79 Brimscombe & Thrupp

 1977-78 Brimscombe & Thrupp

 1976-77 Cam Bulldogs

 1975-76 Mitcheldean


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