Gloucestershire Northern Senior League
                                                        Reg Davis Memorial Cup Competition - Season 2012-13

The Gloucestershire Northern Senior League's domestic knock-out competition is played for the Reg Davis Memorial Cup.  Reg was a long standing servant of the League and the first season in which the current trophy was played for was 2004-05.  

The Cup Competition begins before the League's two Divisions get under way and reaches the Semi Final stage before the League proper starts. The Semi Finals are played in September and the Final during the first week of October.  Proceeds from the competition are donated, by the League, to a nominated charity.

Results for the Reg Davis Memorial Cup will be available on this web site but they will appear on the Division One and Division Two Results pages.  Results for games involving Division One clubs will be displayed on the Division One Results page and, similarly, results for matches in which a Division Two side takes part will be on the Division Two Results page.  These pages will be updated first but all the results will also appear here, once all games have been played.

This season's competition is as follows:

Round One: Wednesday, 15th August, 2012 - Kick-Off 6.30 pm

 1.  FC Barometrics    2  v 1   Brockworth Albion  Referee E Baker
 2.  Hardwicke   5  v 1   Chelt Civil Service   Referee M Pates
 3.  Longford   1  v 2   Ruardean Hill Rangers  Referee A Hart
 4.  Star FC   1  v 2   Cam Bulldogs  Referee M Lytheer
 5.  Bredon   7  v 1   Tuffley Rovers Reserves  Referee I Hamilton
 6.  Broadwell Amateurs   3  v 1   Viney St Swithins  Referee K Brain
 7.  Gala Wilton   4  v 0   Real Whaddon  Referee G McNulty
 8.  Barnwood United   2  v 2   Bourton Rovers (Bourton win 5-3 on Penalties)  Referee D Purser
 9.  Dursley Town   3  v 1   Chalford   Referee G Norris
 10.  Smiths Athletic   2  v 2   Harrow Hill (Harrow Hill win 4-2 on Penalties)  Referee A Shilston
 11.  Stroud FC   1  v 2   Leonard Stanley  Referee P Miles
 12.  Stonehouse Town   3  v  3   Ramblers (Ramblers win 4-3 on Penalties)  Referee G Pugh
 13.  Wotton Rovers   2  v 2   Soudley (Soudley win 3-1 on Penalties)  Referee L Merchant
 14.  Abbeymead Rovers   2  v 4   Sharpness  Referee P Kerrod
 15.  Lydbrook Athletic       2  v 1   Minsterworth  Referee D Griffin
 16.  Moreton Rangers   0  v 0   Winchcombe Town (Winchcombe win 4-3 on Penalties)  Referee M Ball

Round Two:  Wednesday, 22nd August, 2012 - Kick-Off 6.30 pm

 A.  Bredon   2  v 2   Sharpness  (Sharpness won 5-4 on Penalties)  Referee P Daly
 B.  Bourton Rovers   4  v 5   Ramblers    Referee C Burridge
 C.  Winchcombe Town   3  v 1   Hardwicke  Referee R Tyler
 D.  Leonard Stanley   6  v 4   Ruardean Hill Rangers  Referee A Rice
 E.  Dursley Town   2  v 3   Cam Bulldogs  Referee W Millin
 F.  Lydbrook Athletic   3  v 1   FC Barometrics  Referee P Cobby
 G.  Gala Wilton   3  v 0   Broadwell Amateurs  Referee A Shilston
 H.  Harrow Hill   2  v 1   Soudley
 Referee D Purser

Round Three:  Saturday, 25th August, 2012 - Kick-Off 3.00 pm

 1.  Cam Bulldogs  1  v 1   Leonard Stanley (Cam Bulldogs won 4-3 on Pens)    Referee P Middlecote
 2.  Harrow Hill  4  v 0   Ramblers  Referee T Gladwin
 3.  Lydbrook Athletic  1  v 4   Gala Wilton             Referee D Purser   
 4.  Winchcombe Town  1  v 1   Sharpness (Winchcombe won on Penalties)  Referee S Arkwell

Semi Finals:  Saturday, 15th September, 2012 - Kick-Off 2.30 pm
(to be played on the ground of the first named)

 A.  Winchcombe Town  1  v 2   Cam Bulldogs  Referee T Deakin
 B.  Harrow Hill  1  v 4   Gala Wilton         Referee I Timbrell

Final: Wednesday, 3rd April, 2013 - Wisloe Road, Slimbridge

    Cam Bulldogs     1  v5   Gala Wilton   Referee R Meredith

Reg Davis Memorial Trophy Season 2011-12


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