FA Match Based Discipline Handbook

The system to be used in relation to suspensions imposed for Disciplinary offences that occur during a match is set to change from a time basis to a match basis at the beginning of the 2011-12 season.

An overview of the changes that will be put into place was given to all League Clubs immediately following the 2011 AGM on Tuesday, 24th May, 2011 and all questions about the new system should be addressed to the GFA in the first instance.

However, to aid comprehension and to provide a reference point, the GFA has issued a handbook and this was distributed to all League clubs in June 2011.  A further edition, to replace the original issue because it contained mistakes, was circulated on 15th July, 2011.  

The GFA have also produced a form to be used on Match Days.  The purpose of this form is that it provides each club with a definitive record of the disciplinary action taken by the referee during the course of each match.  It is envisaged that each club taking part in a match should print of its own copy of this form and present it to the referee after the final whistle.  The referee will then transcribe, on the form, details of the disciplinary actions that were taken.  Each club will then know, in advance, what is to be reported to the GFA, so it can then take the appropriate action in timely fashion.  This form can be accessed by opening up the League Forms section of this web-site and clicking te "Match Based Discipline Form" link. 

The second edition of the handbook can also now be accessed via the PDF attachment below, which can be either viewed or downloaded.

Nick Oram,
15 Jul 2011, 11:28