Gloucestershire Northern Senior League - Entry Requirements for New Clubs

The following notes have been compiled to assist clubs seeking membership of the League via the pyramid system.  Further information can be found in the Gloucestershire Football Association Handbook, which explains, in detail, the workings of the system.

  1. Applicants must be the Champions of the League, unless qualified under Rule 3(B) of the Pyramid System.
  2. Pitch Dimensions. Minimum requirements - 110 yards by 70 yards.  No other match shall be played within a minimum of 30 yards whilst a Gloucestershire Northern Senior League match is in progress.  Should another match already be in progress, and not a minimum of 30 yards away, then the GNSL match shall not be started.  In the case where another match starts then the GNSL match shall be abandoned.  The surface should be flat and free from depressions and excessive undulations.  The maximum slope must be no more than 5 ft from touchline to touchline and 8 ft from goal line to goal line.  The pitch must be kept in the best possible condition throughout the season and be marked according to F.A. law.  Dual marking of pitches is not acceptable. Artificial surfaces are not acceptable.
  3. Changing Rooms. (a)  Referee:  Room must be separate from the players' accommodation and equipped with adequate seating, lighting and a secure, lockable door.  Access to this room must be separate and not through the players' changing room(s).  A working shower unit must be provided for the exclusive use of the referee. (b) Accommodation for the exclusive use of the visiting team must be separate from the home team quarters.  It must contain seating and coat pegs for at least sixteen players and be of sufficient size and have a secure lockable door.  Washing facilities with at least four shower heads must be provided for visiting players.   (c) Accommodation for both Home and Visiting teams must be on site and within 150 yards of the pitch.
  4. Toilet Facilities:  Adequate facilities must be provided for players, the referee and the public
  5. A telephone must be readily available in case of emergencies.
  6. Reasonable car parking adjacent to the site is essential.  
N.B. Leagues higher up the pyramid system, e.g. the County League, may have more stringent requirements.

Further advice/ suggestions will be available from the Ground Inspection Panel who will make mutually convenient arrangements to visit.  An Application fee of £30 must accompany the application and will cover the cost of any ground inspection which the Inspection Panel deem necessary.  The application must be made in writing and be received by the League Secretary by 1st March.  Should any additional inspections be necessary, then a further charge of £30 will be made for each visit by the Inspection Panel.

All the above requirements (including any alterations and/or modifications must be met three days prior to the Management (Constitution) meeting of the League, the date of which is given in the League Handbook and on the League Meetings page of this web site.

The ground of new entrants to the League will be inspected one week before the playing season commences.  If full requirements have not been met a defaulting club will not be allowed to play home fixtures until the matter is rectified.

For further details, please contact Dave Purser, the League's Grounds Co-ordinator.
These details are contained in the PDF attachment below, which is available for download and printing as required, along with a copy of the League Application form
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