Useful Information For Clubs and Secretaries

A PDF copy of the information detailed below can be downloaded by using the attachment link at the bottom of this page

The League handbook contains all the information needed to do the job and it is easy to follow but, to help our new secretaries,  we have produced this fact sheet to point out possible pitfalls and to help to get you started.

The AGM is typically held in the last week of May.  Failure to attend carries a fine of £100 (Rule 6e) and many clubs have managed to incur this early penalty.

The club GFA affiliation Number must be sent to the General Secretary by 31 July. (Rule 2e) £10 fine.

The Reg Davis Memorial Cup competition normally starts on the 2nd Wednesday in August. This means that every club must have a ground ready for use by that date even if drawn away.  This covers the possibility of a reversed fixture because of another club’s pitch being unfit for play.  Failure to complete a match carries a £50 fine and expulsion from the competition.

You can see now that it is quite easy to lose £160 before the league program has started.

After receiving the league fixtures a club has up until the start of the AGM to make any alterations and notify the General Secretary. It is only possible to postpone fixtures for GFA Cup Ties or the weather, and all fixtures must be played on the dates agreed. Any qualified referee can make a pitch inspection, providing he or she is not a member of the club, and a report must be forwarded to the General Secretary. Failure to comply (Rule 13d) £15 fine. Games that are postponed must be rearranged, by mutual agreement between the two clubs concerned, within 14 days of the original date of the fixture.  The new date must be communicated to the League Secretary by both clubs using the appropriate form. Failure to comply (Rule 10f) £10 fine.

Home clubs must notify both the referee and the opponents of the address of their ground, directions to it, and match Kick Off time 5 days prior to the match. (Rule 10d). Another £10 fine! THE HOME CLUB MUST RING THE REFEREE, FOR THE FIXTURE, ON THE MONDAY EVENING BEFORE THE SATURDAY MATCH AND SPEAK WITH HIM, NOT HIS WIFE OR HIS CHILDREN OR ANYONE ELSE, HIM. IF IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO SPEAK WITH HIM THEN A FURTHER ATTEMPT TO CONTACT HIM MUST BE MADE ON THE TUESDAY EVENING AND, IF THIS IS STILL UNSUCCESFUL, THE HOME CLUB MUST, AT THIS JUNCTURE, RING THE GENERAL SECRETARY IMMEDIATELY, ON THE TUESDAY EVENING. Please also contact the League Secretary immediately if the appointed referee tells you that he has been assigned to a different game!

Fourteen days before the Reg Davis Cup Round 1, every club must send at least 15 Registration Forms to the Assistant Secretary, fully completed using BLOCK  CAPITALS, with 3 signatures present.  Rule(8bii) £15 fine.

Results must be reported, within 30 minutes of the end of the match, by replying to the SMS text message that will be received by each of the club’s two nominated representatives 15 minutes after kick-off, for both League and Cup games.  Replies to the SMS Text message must be sent for both home and away games and in the format required by Full-Time. Failure to comply - £2 fine for the first offence, doubling for each subsequent offence.   Result sheets correctly filled in, must be sent in within 4 days. (Rule 11a/b) £30 fines possible.

It is now clear that breaking the rules can be very costly and that is the sole reason for this document. We do not want you to lose your hard earned money and hope you enjoy your time in this league.

Nick Oram,
21 Nov 2011, 01:10