Results for both League and League Cup matches can be accessed from this page.  Results from the last 28 days are available on the Divisional Pages, whilst League Cup Results are also featured at the beginning of the season.  The Results of GFA Senior Amateur Cup matches will also be detailed on the fixture lists displayed for each division, as and when appropriate.  Divisional Pages can also be opened using the navigator on the left.

Division One Results

Division Two Results

Please note that League Cup Results will be featured on the Divisional Page appropriate to the competing teams.  For games that involve both a Division One and a Division Two side, the result will appear on both pages.

For a Full Listing of the League Cup Results, please go to the Reg Davis Memorial Cup page, which can either be accessed by clicking on the dedicated link on the navigator on the left or by clicking here

For complete details of the League's Results, either for each division or on a team by team basis, please refer to the League's FA Full-Time Facility.  This can be accessed directly, in a new window, by clicking the Full-Time logo below.  Once in Full-Time, please use the Drop Down boxes immediately above the Results Listing to refine your search and to show the exact details you are looking for, either for a single club or a specific date.  


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